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This page shows the collection of sculptures Lucas Hoeben reproduced. The portrayed sculptures appear 2 dimensional as drawings and also 3 dimensional as sculpture. For the drawings Lucas Hoeben reproduces the contours of a depicted sculpture and covers the surface with scratches of graphite like in the other sections. The sculptures Lucas Hoeben made in this section however are merely based on the sizes published underneath a picture of a sculpture in art books or magazines: Length, width and height. Lucas Hoeben catches these sizes in frames of plaster.




Brancusi>bConstantin Brancusi_Bird In Space_1928_Graphite on paper_55x73cm._2013


Newman>bBarnett Newman_Broken Obelisk_1963-1967_Graphite on paper_50x70cm._2013


Duchamp>bMarcel Duchamp_Bicycle Wheel_1913_Graphite on paper_48x63,5cm._2009



Dan Flavin_Solo exhibition_1965 at Green Gallery, New York City_ Graphite on paper_65x50cm._2011


expositie>bRobert Morris_Solo exhibition_1964 at Green Galery, New York City_Graphite on paper_65x50cm._2011


Brillobox>bFraming 01_ Brillo Box, Andy Warhol, 1964, 44x43x35,5cm._Plaster_56x55x47,5cm._2011


Hiorns>b Roger Hiorns_Untitled_Performed at De Hallen Haarlem, 2012_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2013


Kippenberger>bMartin Kippenberger_Untitled_1981_Graphite on paper_65×50cm._2013

framing tajiriFraming 02_ Shikihi Tajiri, Tibetan Pillar (Column of Meditation 1), 79x12x8,5cm., 1957_ Plaster_88x21x17,5cm_2011

framing priceFraming 03_ Kenneth Price, Architectural Cup, 9,5x14x11cm., 1973_Plaster_18,5x20x17cm._2011


Michelangelo>bMichelangelo_Dying Slave_1513-1516_ Graphite on paper_28.5×58.5 cm._2010


Koons>bJeff Koons_Ushering In Banality_1988_Graphite on paper_65×50cm._2010



Krijger>bUnknown artist_Temple Sculpture Aegina [Dying Warrior]_ca.490 b.c._Graphite on paper_70x37cm._2012



Maillol>bHenri Laurens_Fall_1948_ Graphite on paper_70x37cm._2012



Man>bErwin Wurm_1 Minute Sculptures_dif. dates_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2012



Gilbert&GeorgeGilbert&George_Singing sculpture_as recreated in 1991 at Sonnabend Gallery, New York City_ Graphite on paper_21,5×31,5cm_2010


 eva>bFraming 04_ Rodin, Eve, 172,4x58x64,5 cm., 1881_Plaster_192,4x78x84,5cm._2013


Rietveldstoel>bFor a Berlin Chair [Gerrit Rietveld/Piet Hoeben]_Wood/Paint/Screws_120x60x12cm._2012


Oppenheimer>bMerrit Oppenheimer_Breakfast in fur_1936_Graphite on paper_30x21cm._2010


Smithson>bRobert Smithson_Asphalt Run Down_1969_Graphite on paper_50x65 cm._2013


Zadkine>bOssip Zadkine_Female Torso_1933_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2011


expo>bMarlborough Fine Art, Reopening exhibition with works by Avigdor Arikha, Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, Christopher Bramham, Steven Campbell, Lynn Chadwick, Stephan Conroy, Christopher Couch, John Davies, Dieter Hacker, Barbara Hepworth, Bill Jacklin, Adrezj Jackowski, Ken Kiff, R.B. Kitaj, Oskar Kokoschka, Raymond Mason, Henry Moore, Therese Oulton, Victor Pasmore,Celia Paul and Paula Rego, London 1991_ Graphite on paper_65x50cm._2010


Fritsch>bKatherina Fritsch_Beggars Hand_2007_Graphite on paper_65x50 cm._2013


Judd!>bDonald Judd_Untitled (DSS 120)_1968_ Graphite on paper_2x 40x65cm._2013