portrayed printwork


In the portrayed print work section Lucas Hoeben reproduces art related publications. Spreading and communicating art is the main motive of this section. Lucas Hoeben uses for example printed museum tickets, letters sent to founding institutions, subscriptions printed under a picture of an art work etc. The works appear as drawings, folders or even as sculptures in poured concrete.

NieuweVide2015.05kAn Average 20 minutes at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam_104 drawn tickets_certificate_drawing_shelf_2014-2015


Invitation Card of the Lucas Hoeben exhibition in 37PK Artspace Haarlem_Graphite on paper_21x15cm._2013 This drawing was also published on internet. Receivers thought something might be wrong with their computer screen. A few hours later we sent the fullcolour readable edition.



Bezwaar Gemeente Hrlm>dObjection Municipality Haarlem _ Lucas Hoeben copied the rejection of a application for a grant send to the municipality of Haarlem. Lucas Hoeben send the objection back to the municipality and the letter was  received in good order_ Graphite on paper_2x 21×29,85cm._2012




ticketSM>dAn average day at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam_ Lucas Hoeben drew 2681 unique drawings of Stedelijk Musem tickets_Graphite on paper_2681x 85x55mm._2013



muurtekening|looplijst 37PK>d

Floorplan of the exhibition “My love which is a building” at 37PK Artspace_Graphite on wall_appr.55x75cm._2011



FolderMuseum>dFloorplan MoMA New York City_Graphite on paper_50x65_2012






Frozen Promotion Project 2012-ongoing_Lucas Hoeben copies the flyers in museums and galleries.


Edition 10_10 handmade editions of a ducumentation map by Lucas Hoeben_Graphite on paper_A4 format_2012


Page 450 Jansons History of art, 5th edition_Graphite on paper_22,3x28cm._2014


St. Pieter Enlargemant fig.608 page 450 Jansons 5th edition_Graphite on paper_70x100 cm._2014


Enlarged subtitle fig. 610 page 450 Janson 5th edition_81x8x5cm._Poured concrete_2014


 Gids Frans Hals>d

All pages of the Guide of the exhibition “The golden age begins in Haarlem” Frans Hals Museum Haarlem 2009_Graphite on paper_26 pieces 21x15cm_2012



All pages of the Guide of the exhibition “The golden age begins in Haarlem” Frans Hals Museum Haarlem 2009 copied and folded 15 times._2012