portrayed museums


The museum is the physical room to store and see art. Here we can enjoy and collect art experiences. It is our contemporary cave of Lascaux in which we display the creations of the imagination(mind), and in which we contemplate the outside world. This exhibition phenomenon of art urges Lucas Hoeben to catch its forms as it appears. Again Lucas Hoeben follows the contours thoroughly. The portrayed museums appear in two dimensional drawings (graphite on paper) and in three dimensional sculptures (poured concrete).



graz>b kopie

Kunsthaus Graz, Graz_Poured concrete_60x42x3 cm._2010

??>m Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee_ Graphite on paper_50x65 cm._2010


AmericanFolkArtMuseum>mAmerican Folk art Museum, New York City_ Graphite on paper_50x65 cm._2010



KunsthausGraz>mKunsthaus Graz, Graz Oostenrijk_ Graphite on paper 2010



Rijks|Beton>m          Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam_ 160x70x5 cm. Poured concrete 2009




Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Netherlands_ Graphite on paper 2009


River&Rowing Museum, Oxfordshire UK_ Graphite on paper 2010


Teylers Museum, Haarlem Netherlands_ 175x60x29 cm Poured concrete 2011


MASS MoCa, Massachusetts_ 72X36,5X5 CM Gegoten beton 2009


MoMA, New York_50x65 cm Graphite on paper 2010

Guggenheim Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Spanje_ Graphite on paper 2012


Milwaukee Artmuseum, Milwaukee_Graphite on paper 2010


M.O.M. of Forth Worth_ Graphite on paper 2010