portrayed artists

collectie?This page shows the artists gallery Lucas Hoeben is working on. This topic consists of 2-dimensional works only, graphite on paper. Lucas Hoeben started out his project with the artists section. After all, art exists only with the intellect and act of mankind. According to Lucas Hoeben, this exceptional property and energy must be exposed. The artists shown are chosen randomly. However, they are always highly respected and thereby fit to add in the collection in progress.



Portrait in C/blue 1/3, Portrait in C/blue 2/3, Portrait in C/blue 3/3

Glazed ceramics 2023

From left to right: Anish Kapoor, Piet Mondriaan, Kara Walker


Warhol|Brillo>kAndy Warhol carrying a Brillo Box_Graphite on paper_50x60cm._2012


vd Werve>kGuido van de Werve_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2013

Piet Mondriaan>kPiet Mondriaan_Graphite on paper_ 43,5×31,5cm._ 2012

Marlene Dumas>kMarlene Dumas_Graphite on paper_46x60cm._2012

Mark Manders>kMark Manders_Graphite on paper_45x65cm._2013

akkerman>kPhilip Akkerman_Graphite op paper_65x50cm._2013

Andy Warhol>kAndy Warhol_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2012

Anish Kapoor>kAnish Kapoor_Graphite on paper_29x45cm._2013

Anselm Kiefer>kAnselm Kiefer_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2013

Bruce Nauman>kBruce Nauman_Graphite on paper_50x32cm._2012

Catalan>kMaurizo Catalan_Graphite on paper_36.5x56cm._2013

Eva Besnyo>kEva Besnyo_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2013

giacometti&sculpture>kGiacometti carrying a sculpture_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2012 [privately owned]

giacometti>kGiacometti_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2012

Jackson Pollock>k

Jackson Pollock at work_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2014

Jacques Lipchitz>kJacques Lipchitz_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2012

Jan DibbetsJan Dibbets and his gallery owner filming at the north sea coast_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2014

Jan Fabre>k

Jan Fabre_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2013

Joseph Beuys>kJoseph Beuys_Graphite on paper_58x46 cm._2012 [privately owned]


L.A. Raven_Graphite on paper_45x25cm._2013Gerrit Rietveld>k

Gerrit Rietveld_Graphite on paper_50x65cm._2013