Goepstentoonstelling (met Lucas Hoeben)

Reuten Galerie Amsterdam 2019



Haarlemse Herfst 2018 Donkere Spaarne 

















Lucas Hoeben in collaboration with Eric Martijn

Reuten Gallery Amsterdam 2018

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Lucas Hoeben in collaboration with Eric Martijn in a stripped appartment  

Amsterdam Oosterdokkade 2018

























“First things First” Oosterdokskade Amsterdam 2018 an exhibition of Lucas Hoeben in collaboration with Eric Martijn_  Reconstructed door with glass by Eric Martijn.



 This Art Fair 2017 Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam Lucas Hoeben in collaboration with artist Eric Martijn_ The booth distinguished itself by the lack of two walls and a lifted floor flanked by a big magenta  balloon with the number 450 on it; the number of the stand. 450 refers also to the most expensive artwork auctioned ever. A painting by Leonardo da Vinci at the amount of 450 million dollar. _




At the time Lucas Hoeben and Eric Martijn were planning this presentation the most expensive artwork was a painting by Willem the Kooning which was auctioned for 300 million dollar. While working the Kooning’s record had been knocked of the top by the auctioned Da Vinci Salvator Mundi (450 million dollar). Lucas Hoeben’s planned representation of the size of the Koonings Interchange in graphite on the wall had been interrupted. Eric Martijn took over with a representation of the sizes of Da Vinci’s Mundi in Martijn’s typical magenta style. 


The four pieces on the wall are four framed drawings (graphite on paper A4) of articles and plans of the Beurs van Berlage. Eric Martijn made Lacquer stamps of measuring points in the city which we attached upon the drawing. Physically Eric Martijn placed the steal measuring points on the four sides outside of the Beurs van Berlage and marked them magenta with paint. _The two white framed pieces which are depicted here are works of Eric Martijn in which he frames the original notations made by construction workers in their work process. 




 This Art Fair 2017 Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam Lucas Hoeben in collaboration with artist Eric Martijn_ Eric Martijn perforated rulers and let the pieces of the rulers float in liquid. The roller bank is turning en keeps the pieces in motion. Each jar contains a certain length. The smallest depicted here contains 25 cm._ Against the against the pedestal stands a concrete sculpture of Lucas Hoeben. It represents the negative of a viewpoint of The Milwaukee Art Museum_



Lucas Hoeben reproduced a brick of one of the sculptures made of piled bricks by Carl Andre (1935). For plaster has always been used  for reproduce en study art Lucas Hoeben used plaster powder and moulded the form in the right sizes. To Hoeben this fragile construction  refers to the transience of value._


In answer of the moulded plaster powder by Lucas Hoeben Eric Martijn showed a piece that turns around after pressing a button and than releases a shot of shoot chalk in downward position


Copy of a germain catalogue  “30.000 Jahre Kunst” by Lucas Hoeben. 2 times page 691, which is depicted and also underneath 2 times page 690. The left side and the right side of the opened book. The text is screen printed on plaster and the drawing, a representation of a wooden figure used for religious rituals from around 1475 Dom. Republic, is drawn in graphite on plaster. Page 690 underneath depicts a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. The measures of the piece are the exact measures of the original book._


Bust / Boom by_ Two shirt pins by Eric Martijn._




Castellum1 copy

Castellum4 copy

“Multiple” A group exhibition by Studio Onvervalst at Castellum Aquae in Bloemendaal autumn 2017_ Studio Onvervalst a screenprint studio initiated by Vincent Uilenbroek. Uilenbroek, invites fellow artists to produce works in Edition by using the particular technique of silkscreen printing. Lucas Hoeben made 3 works in Edition based upon art catalogues.





Autumn 2017 Lucas Hoeben made a studio presentation which was based upon an astounding piece of fourniture in the second painting hall of  Teylers Museum in Haarlem. A huge bench always attracted the attention of Lucas Hoeben. Not only the proportion but also the sculptural presence is most appealing. The fact that this monumental bench was placed in the first museum of the Netherlands is, like the museum itself a symbol of a transition in time. It is a bench to sit to wonder and contemplate the outside world through paintings. A world which was to be explored en which changed rapidly. The fact that the bench is still there on its same place, watching out the same paintings makes the object kind of a time machine in our present time._


_ Lucas Hoeben invited some people to show and discuss works Lucas Hoeben made of the bench in the second painting hall of Teylers Museum Haarlem_ On the right you can see a still of an animation of the bench projected on wood. The animation shows the bench round and round as if its floating in space._



Studio presentation Two Vases_ Lucas Hoeben portrayed the two vases which are placed upon the bench of the second painting hall of Teylers Museum Haarlem_ Graphite on paper 50×65 cm. _


Studio presentation_ Lucas Hoeben portrayed the Tellers bench as it was during its renovation in the seventies of the 20e century._ Clay 33x20x20 cm.



Autumn 2017 Studio presentation_ Lucas Hoeben portrayed the Tellers bench as it is after its renovation_Clay





“Collect” Horrizonverticaal Haarlem 2017_ Left Eric Martijn an exchanged work with Lucas Hoeben Right “Page 450 Janson” Lucas Hoeben Graphite on paper 2015_ Eric Martijn ownes a seperate drawing of the upper left figure in the drawing which Lucas Hoeben enlarged in a drawing of 70×100 cm._



“Collect” Horrizonverticaal Haarlem 2017_ Page 450 by Lucas Hoeben Left “Greek Coin” Graphite on paper 560×60 cm. Right “Tekst” poured concrete_




“Collect” Horrizonverticaal Haarlem 2017_ Installation based upon the work of Anno Dijkstra_ 3 skulls ceramic in the possession of Lucas Hoeben Left A projection of Overview10animated portret of Andy Warhol by Lucas Hoeben Right A contour drawing of a sculpture by Anno Dijkstra “Pim Fortuyn” in the possession of Lucas Hoeben Right Framing the sculpture of Anno Dijkstra “Pim Fortuyn” Plaster 2017



“Collect” Horrizonverticaal Haarlem 2017_In the middle Vincent Uilenbroek On the right St. Lorenzo concrete and on the left “tekst page 450” Concrete



“Collect” Horrizonverticaal Haarlem 2017_ Lucas Hoeben shows a work by Joseph Beuys along with a drawing that lines out the contours of a work Lucas Hoeben sold to Antoinette Reuten On the drawing Lucas Hoeben projected

Beuys4“animating I love Amerika and Amerika likes me by Josepph Beuys” 2017



“Portretten” Reuten Galery Haarlem 2016 _ On the left Ritsaert ten Cate On the right Lucas Hoeben Projected animation of Andy Warhol on the wall and 8 drawings of  8 artists Graphite on paper 2017



 _The drawings to which the animation is created were part of the installation_


Momo001_Moving Modernism Reuten Gallery Amsterdam 2017_An exhibition initiated by Lucas Hoeben with Lucas Hoeben, Rob Bouwman, Richard van der Aa and Kevin Finklea_



_Moving Modernism Reuten Gallery Amsterdam 2017_ A projection on a plaster sculpture by Lucas Hoeben_


_Moving Modernism Reuten Gallery Amsterdam 2017_ Drawings piled for each animation made by Lucas Hoeben so far (detail)_



_Moving Modernism Reuten Gallery Amsterdam 2017_ From left to right : Rob Bouwman, Richard van der Aa, Lucas Hoeben, Kevin Finklea and Rob Bouwman_ Lucas Hoeben presented an animation of Bas Jan Ader’s Fall_



_Moving Modernism Reuten Gallery Amsterdam 2017_ Left Richard van der Aa Right Lucas Hoeben’s animating Yves Klein’s fall_



_Moving Modernism Reuten Gallery Amsterdam 2017_ Above Kevin Finklea on the ground For A Napel Yellow Bench Lucas Hoeben mixed technics_



LUW A group exhibition in 37PK, Haarlem 2016_ Display with drawings, clay sculptures and color samples based upon the Napel Yellow bench in the second paintings Hall of the Tellers Museum in Haarlem_Varied techniques. Largest drawing 50×65 cm.


_Eva Pel and crew shooting Eva Pel’s film “Art for Data Center” a film in which Lucas Hoeben along others is represented with several works_2016_

a film by Eva Pel, filmed at Nikhef/AMS-IX Amsterdam


_Portrayed Artbook by Lucas Hoeben Filmed at the entrance_


Brian Eno_  40×40 cm. Graphite on paper_ The drawing was hidden under a hatch and taken out during the film “Art for Data Center” by Eva Pel 2016_ 


Amsterdam Drawing 2016 Stand Reuten Galerie 2016_ Lucas Hoeben shows a_ Drawing L.A. Raeven’s “Love has many faces” 2015/216_Projection on the pile of drawings the animation is made of



De Ruiskamer Haarlem 2016. Screen print exhibition of Studio Onvervalst _ With Aquil Copier, Erik de Bree, Rob Bouwman, Marjolijn de Wit, Stefan Kasper, Athur Stokvis, Michiel van der Zanden, Vincent Uilenbroek, TRIK, Veerle Thoben, Simon Schrikker, Lucas Hoeben en Joost Krijnen_ Lucas Hoeben’s contribution on the right on this picture, is a screen print and portrays a catalogue of Mark Rothko_


_Appropriate Cartography_2016 37 PK, Haarlem 2016_ Richard Hiorns graphite on wall & 20 drawings (20x 21×30 cm.) Graphite on paper _Animating Richard Hiorns_ Projected on I-pad on the wall_ In the forground sculptures by Thomas Wildner_



“Appropriate Cartography” 37 PK, Haarlem 2016_ Drawing L.A. Raeven’s “Love has many faces” 2015/216_ Animated prejection on the pile of the drawings the animation is made of_


_Animating L.A. Raeven’s film “Love has many faces” .Detail_


_Group exhibition Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam 2015_Installation with portrets of Ai Weiwei, Gerrit Rietveld, Guido van der Werve, Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper, Seth Siegelaub, Marlene Dumas, Damien Hirst, Mies van de Rohe, Wim Beeren, Mark Manders, Giacometti, Loek van de Sande, Frank Loyd Wright, Jan de Cock, Frans Haks, Constatin Brancusi_ Graphite op paper Largest drawing 50×60 cm._ On the ground a title bar of poured concrete_


_20 Years of deferred value_Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem 2015_ graphite on wall after the Napel Yellow bench in the second paintings Hall of Tellers Museum, Haarlem_ Live size_


_20 Years of deferred value_Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem 2015_Overview with plaster frames_



_20 Years of deferred value_Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem 2015_Art Space assistent shows 450 drawings of Lucas Hoeben’s Love That Dress / animating Abramovic’s performance “the artist is present” 2012_ 


_20 Years of deferred value_Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem,2015_Love That Dress / animating Abramovic’s performance “the artist is present”2012_ More then life-size projection on the wall_



_Jan & Piet’s Museum, Haarlem 2015_ A collection of drawings of artist-duo’s with in the middle Jan and Piet_ Jan and Piet 25×30 cm. Graphite on paper_


LH&JANJan & Piet’s Museum Haarlem 2015_installation in collaboration with Jan Heijer_2015



Jan & Piet’s Museum Haarlem 2015_ Portrayed sculpture by Thomas Hirschhorn_Four parts of 70×100 cm. Graphite on paper and pinned paper on paper_

37PK2_Janson’s and Other Stories_37PK Artspace, Haarlem 2014_


_Janson’s and Other Stories_37PK Artspace, Haarlem 2014_


_Janson’s and Other Stories_37PK Artspace, Haarlem 2014_


_Janson’s and Other Stories Copied flyers_37PK Artspace, Haarlem 2014_Graphite on paper_

LHmet ToonTeeken

_Janson’s and Other Stories_37PK Artspace,Haarlem 2014_ Paintings bij Toon Teeken_ copied museum bench by Lucas Hoeben_


_Amsterdam Drawing 2014 at the stand of Reuten Gallery_


Reuten Galerie Amsterdam_2011_Piet Mondriaan_Graphite on paper_31,5×43,5cm._2009 [privately owned]